Hello! I’m Seira (not real name, but that should be easy enough to figure out). I’m in my late 20s and I currently live in Tokyo working in the English localization department of a smartphone game company. I’ve been studying Japanese since 2004 and finally managed to pass JLPT N1 in July 2015.

In this blog, most names are pseudonyms (mostly to keep nosy family members and other people from finding me. I like to be able to post my honest thoughts and anonymity is the only way to relatively guarantee safety).

I love many things, including cats, foreign languages, reading, sleeping, yoga, and cream-based cocktails. I also dislike quite a few things too, like seafood… I can be pretty fussy.

I originally started this blog to discuss the joys and frustrations of trying to attain fluency in Japanese because for a long time my goal was to become a translator. That’s why I moved to Japan from Texas, though I started out teaching in a small city. Seven months later, I moved to Tokyo to work as a science proofreader, and 11 months after that I was able to transition to an in-house translating job (it really sort of found me). After a year and 9 months of that, I moved to that company’s rival (my old company’s environment was just too toxic). Somehow, without really trying, I managed to become a translator without taking the route I originally thought I’d have to. Eventually, I’d like to go fully freelance and escape the rat race. I’m not very fond of commuting in Tokyo and the Japanese workplace in general.

I brought my cat from the US to Japan in May 2014, and now we live happily together in an apartment that’s fairly spacious only because it’s not technically located in Tokyo.

I’ve had so-so luck attempting to date in Tokyo, and after two boyfriends here and a lot of dates, I’m currently enjoying the single life. I’m on the lookout for a new boyfriend, but not holding my breath to find anything great here.

A lot of things about life here frustrate me, but I also enjoy so many aspects of life here too (like trying out new things at convenience stores, the ability to buy hot drinks from vending machines, and going to onsen/public baths), and life in a big, walkable/transit accessible city, that I couldn’t get back in the US. My family and friends are also spread out, and my childhood home no longer exists, so I don’t know where I’d move back to anyway. Most days, I have no idea how long I’ll be here/how long I want to stay.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Miyagi Mermaid says:

    Hi Serira~

    I found your blog through Move Over Godzilla: Taking Over Tokyo. I read a few of your entries and when I saw you were a fan of Maya Sakamoto, liked shopping for doujinshi, and started working as translator in the Japanese game industry, I felt like I found a friend I just hadn’t met yet.

    I’m adding your blog to my daily read list! Good luck with your work, I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi, I read your comment about last week’s N1 over on JLPT Bootcamp! How cool that you’re a translator. I’m an English teacher now and I’m trying to get out of it (LOL) and get into translating instead. Looking forward to reading your posts! And hopefully we both pass N1 🙂

  3. evieintokyo says:

    Hi Seira, I just found your blog and I think we have a laundry list of things in common (I might even know you in real life? It’s a small Tokyo!) Let me know if you’d like to connect, we work in the same industry but I’ll say no more here 🙂

    • seira says:

      Ohhh thank you for commenting here and making me realize how outdated this page had gotten!! Yes, we seem to have a lot in common and I would definitely like to talk further! I don’t think I know you (I looked at your picture and you’re not familiar to me) but I’m sure we have 3-5 mutual friends in common, as is the case with every other English speaker I meet here ;3

      I’ll leave you a comment and you should be able to get my email from that!

  4. Meisan says:

    Hi dear
    I saw ur posting about the crazy ghosting experience by your Japanese ex-bf and would like to share my very similar experience if you have time to listen. Let me know if you like to start a converasation via email. It was a vey uniquea n hurtful memory for me and many of my friends just told me to forget and move on. They said things like these happened ant this is part of life. But I just don’t get it. – how can this be common and normal? We are not like one night stand – for goodness sake we knew each other for a good two years and talking to each other almost every day and he could just cut me out of his life just like this overnight? It would be better for me to accept if he got into an accident and died.
    Anyway, let me know if u keen to hear more. I of course would lik to hear more about your story.

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